Ace International


We provide a countless variety of quilts that mainly includes cotton quilts, embroidered quilts, designer quilts, polyester quilts and silk quilts. The salient feature of our quilts is its long lasting life and reliability. Our Quilts are fabricated from the genuine quality raw material under the guidance of experts. The thread which is used by us are also of best quality. Our quilts feel good to touch and give a feeling of comfort to the users. We are widely well renowned as the superior cotton quilts manufacturer in India. We feel proud to introduce ourselves as one of the leading embroidered quilts suppliers in India.

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Cotton Quilts
We offer an ample range of unmatched quality cotton quilts in various designs and colours. The Organic Cotton Quilts manufactured by us are encompasses of good quality and excellent performance. Our cotton quilts provides the best comfort and warm to the users. We are widely well renowned as one of the prestigious White Cotton Quilts

Embroidered Quilts
We provide an ample array of amazing and rare designs of embroidered quilts. Our machine embroidered quilts are well renowned for their remarkably expressive quality and unique designs. We offer our embroidered quilts in various different patterns and in all colours. We are widely well reckoned as one of the superior embroidery quilts

Polyester Quilts
We offer a wide gamut of superlative quality polyester quilts in various designs. Our cotton polyester quilt has a special finish which makes it easy to use. We have a very strict quality control which helps to maintain the quality of our quilts. Our polyester quilts are well renowned for their innovative designs, genuine quality and

Silk Quilts
We bring to forth the large variety of silk quilts of various attractive designs. Our pure silk quilts are extra soft, light and highly warm. Our silk quilts are made up of the pure quality silk. We do not use any chemical, bleach and scrappy silk while manufacturing of our silk quilts. We are widely well reckoned as one of the leading